The New Zealand Racing Act Of 2003

New Zealand Gambling LawsThe Racing Act 2003 came into force on August 1, 2003. It effectively replaced the Racing Act of 1971 and simplified the statutes concerning racing and sports betting. The Act established the NZ Racing Board, replacing both the Racing Industry Board and the Totalisator Agency Baord. The Racing Act of 2003 regulates racing activities as well as sports betting and gambling on races and has modernized New Zealand gambling laws, making them more relevant to today’s market.

The Gambling Act Of 2003 strictly prohibits bookmaking in New Zealand, with some exceptions as are allowed by the Racing Act. The exceptions to the bookmaking restrictions include private gambling, casino gambling and racing and sports betting that is offered by the NZ Racing Board in accordance with the Racing Act. The Racing Board is the sole policy body and provider of racing and sports betting services in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Racing Board

The Racing Board is responsible for creating policy for the racing and sports betting industry, as well as providing those services to the citizens of New Zealand. The policies created by the board must be consistent with the requirements of the Racing Act 2003. These policies must also support the economic development of the industry in general, as well as be conducive with the economic well being of individuals who earn their livelihoods from the industry. All policies and rules created by the Racing Board are categorized as regulations, which means Parliament is free to scrutinize them.

Additional responsibilities of the board include establishing the racing calendar each year; research and development for the progress of the industry, conducting and regulating racing betting and sports betting; administering the racing judicial system, working on the implementation of programs that address and reduce problem gambling issues; and the distribution of funds to the racing codes.

Racing Codes in New Zealand

Racing codes are governing bodies that represent the three types of racing activity that are legal in New Zealand. They include the New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Incorporated, the Harness Racing New Zealand Incorporated, and the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association Incorporated. These racing codes are responsible for establishing the rules of racing for their specific segment of the industry, and for overseeing the registration of all participants, including both human and animal. Owners, trainers, jockeys, drivers, horses and greyhounds must all be licensed through their applicable racing code in order to participate in racing.

What Types of Betting Are Allowed Under the Racing Act 2003

The Racing Board oversees and conducts fixed odds racing and sports betting, as well as totalisator betting under the TAB brand. Racing and sports betting is administered according to the Betting Rules that are made by the board, consistent with the Racing Act. Citizens are able to access government licensed racing and sports betting options online through the NZRB website. Thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing are all available, as well as betting on various sports events.

Is Offshore Sports Betting Permitted By the Racing Act 2003

The Department of Internal Affairs has confirmed that it is absolutely legal for Kiwis to participate in legally licensed offshore sportsbooks and racebooks that accept players from New Zealand. This option expands the range of choices available to New Zealand sports fans., and offers some competition for the local online sportsbooks that may drive better bonus offers and promotions on both fronts. This guide has a listing of approved betting sites. You can learn more about betting on sports from our guide to understanding legal online sports betting in New Zealand.

Resources Concerning Racing In New Zealand

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