The New Zealand Gambling Compliance Group

New Zealand Gambling LawsThe Gambling Compliance Group operates within the Department of Internal Affairs and is responsible for ensuring compliance throughout the industry with New Zealand’s gambling laws. Community involvement is a key element in the regulation of gambling in New Zealand, and the GCG strategically contributes to this objective. The GCG’s role is dedicated to ensuring that gambling entertainment in New Zealand is conducted and regulated in a way that is consistent with the provisions of the Gambling Act 2003.

The GCG’s role includes monitoring the industry to ensure that the gambling activities are fair and consistent with the law, ensure that they prevent and minimize harm, and ensuring that revenue from Class 4 gambling is reinvested to benefit the communities. A primary responsibility of the GCG is to make sure that appropriately administered enforcement action takes place for instances of non-compliance. They are sanctioned to investigate and prosecute criminal activity and dishonesty associated with gambling activity in New Zealand.

How Does the NZ Gambling Compliance Group Achieve Their Objectives?

The GCG uses what is known as the Regulatory Pyramid, an application model that illustrates how resources are allocated. The pyramid consists of three layers, with the base consisting of regulatory and statutory legislative framework that is supported by policy advice. The legislative framework is consider to the be the foundation and basis for all of the work that the GCG does, and includes the Gambling Act as well as relevant game rules, industry standards and regulations.

The middle layer is made up of information, evidence and intelligence. This level uses its resources to identify risks, assist in decision making, and facilitate dynamic efforts of compliance activities. The top tier is made up of prosecutions, sanctions, investigations, audits, inspections, licensing, education and persuasion. These resources combine to closely monitor any possible non-compliance issues and if needed, take appropriate action in response, including the prosecution from an offence against the Gambling Act.

The Structure of the Gambling Compliance Group

The GCG is made up of business units that utilize the resources and tools that are available in the Regulatory Pyramid. There are six specific business units that are integrated into the GCG’s structure. The Licensing Compliance unit is responsible for licensing and audit functions, and focuses on assessing license suitability. The Gambling Compliance unit targets non-casino gambling. This unit promotes compliance throughout the industry, conducts investigations, and when necessary, facilitates compliance agreements and enforcement sanctions.

Next we have the Casino Compliance unit. This group maintains a targeted strategic effort on preventing harm as well as assessing risks such as organized crime or money laundering. The Sector Initiatives unit is responsible for innovation and development that creates opportunities to support compliance. This group works strategically with regulated parties (casino operators) to address issues of harm and how to maximize benefits to communities.

The Regulatory Investigations unit is required to investigate the cases of serious and deliberate non-compliance. Accountability is critical for this group and they work closely with additional enforcement agencies to ensure transparency. The last unit is the Compliance Analysis group who is responsible for combining intelligence and business analytical expertise in order to identify priorities for addressing high risk non-compliance. They are also responsible for recognizing opportunities to increase benefits to the communities of New Zealand.

Contacting the New Zealand Compliance Group

There are a few ways to contact this agency based on what your specific needs are:

Non-casino gambling compliance inquiries:  email

Licensing inquiries:

Casino related inquiries or complaints:

You can find more information here:  NZ Gambling Compliance Group