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Over the years, the legalities surrounding gambling in New Zealand have transformed significantly.  New Zealand currently enjoys a thriving gambling industry that includes various forms of legally sanctioned gambling entertainment, regulated through a few pieces of key legislation and a handful of governing agencies. There are also applicable policies and regulations put in place by the territorial authorities.

While the legal landscape concerning gambling in New Zealand is not as simple as a single criminal code application, the governmental agencies involved make a concerted effort to offer clear information about what is and is not legal.  This guide was created to deliver helpful resources through a streamlined format that places all relevant information regarding gambling legalities in one convenient location.

Best Legal Online Gambling Sites For New Zealand Players In 2024

As we explain further down this page, online gambling is perfectly legal in New Zealand. So below you will find what we consider to be the most reputable online gambling sites that accept all New Zealand players.  The list is short and for good reason.  There are a lot of sites that we simply don’t trust.  And in all honesty we only want to recommend the best sites that have been around for a long time and have proven themselves to be trustworthy and leaders in the industry.

For now we recommend Joe Fortune as the most trusted online casino that accepts Australian and New Zealand players.  They are part of the Bodog/Bovada group which is one of the largest online gambling companies in the world.  Their other brands cater exclusively to the US and Canadian markets, but they are starting to branch out into other markets internationally which is excellent news for New Zealanders.  Joe Fortune offers wicked good software and pays faster than most sites.  We guarantee they are extremely reputable.

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Is Gambling Legal in New Zealand?

The transformation that has taken place with the legalities surrounding gambling entertainment in New Zealand is responsible for the expansion that has taken place in the industry, but also added to the complexities involved as well.  This guide includes a portal that is dedicated to helping Kiwis understand the laws that govern the gambling industry in New Zealand.

Visit our guide to New Zealand Gambling Laws for more information on the legal infrastructure that facilitates gambling in NZ, including information on the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003, the New Zealand Racing Act of 2003, and the New Zealand Gambling Compliance Group.

What Types of Gambling Are Legal in New Zealand In 2024?

The Gambling Act of 2003 allows the following types of licensed gambling entertainment: lottery, pokies, casino gambling, poker and bingo.  The Racing Act of 2003 allows horse race betting and sports betting.  The Gambling Act does prohibit locally established online gambling sites from operating within the country.  We will go more deeply into online gambling in the section directly below this one.

All in all, New Zealand is fairly liberal when it comes to gambling opportunities for its citizens, resulting in a very substantial range of options available to players.  We have created individual guides for the most popular gambling platforms that are legally available to New Zealand citizens, to include:

Online Casinos

Legal Casino Gambling in New Zealand – This page provides insight into legal online and offline casino gambling options available to NZ players.  You will get information on licensed brick and mortar casinos as well as legitimate online casinos that welcome New Zealand players. Visit our guide to Legal Online Casinos In New Zealand for more information.

Online Poker

Legal Poker Gambling in New Zealand –  Get information about the legality of playing poker for real money in New Zealand, including legal poker  games at brick and mortar destinations as well as legally sanctioned online poker. Visit our guide to Legal Online Poker In New Zealand for more information.

Online Sportsbooks

Legal Sports Betting in New Zealand – Legal sports betting is authorized in New Zealand through the Racing Act of 2003, administered by the Racing Board.  In addition, Kiwis have access to legally sanctioned online sportsbooks that accept bettors from New Zealand. Visit our guide to Legal Sports Betting in New Zealand for more information.

Online Bingo Housies

Legal Housie (Bingo) in New Zealand – A popular game throughout New Zealand, Housie is legally available to residents through local brick and mortar destinations as well as legally sanctioned offshore bingo sites.  This page will provide bingo fans access to premium opportunities for playing bingo for real money online.  Visit our guide to Legal Online Housies In New Zealand.

Is Online Gambling Legal in New Zealand?

One of the prohibited forms of gambling in New Zealand is remote interactive gambling.  The Gambling Act makes it illegal for anyone to operate an online gambling business within the borders of NZ.  The only exceptions are lottery and sports betting sites that are sanctioned by the Lottery Commission and the Racing Act of 2003.

The Department of Internal Affairs, which is the authority that regulates the industry, has also addressed offshore online gambling for Kiwis.  The DIA website states that there is nothing illegal in NZ residents participating in online gambling that is licensed, regulated and located outside of New Zealand’s borders.

The DIA does prohibit those businesses from advertising to Kiwi residents, but they do not prevent residents from engaging in this type of online gambling entertainment.  It is perfectly legal for New Zealand residents to participate in legal online gambling at offshore gambling sites that are legitimately licensed and regulated.

We respect that the official website for the Department of Internal Affairs specifically states this information, ensuring that there is no question regarding the legality of online gambling action in NZ.  Other nations simply do not address the topic, and leave offshore interactive gambling a ‘gray area’ within their criminal code, causing anxiety among players who are interested in this type of betting.

New Zealand’s government officials do not seem interested in controlling their residents when it comes to gambling, but rather are interested in ensuring a safe and secure environment for them by eliminating illegal gambling operations.

Current News About the New Zealand Gambling Industry

As with any region that experiences consistent evolution within a major industry such as gambling, there is often intriguing relevant changes, events, and human interest stories that are newsworthy.  We’ve included a dedicated news section on this site so that Kiwis can stay abreast of any new developments within the gambling industry in New Zealand.

We include news about local gambling as well as news about legal online gambling action that is Kiwi-friendly.  Visit our New Zealand Gambling News Section to get the latest happenings.